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Government Is Bigger Theat To America...

Government Is Bigger Theat To America Than Anyone Else.

Adm. Michael S. Rogers, head of the American Stazi, recently said: “I don’t want a back door,” Rogers, the director of the nation’s top electronic spy agency, said during a speech at Princeton University, using a tech industry term for covert measures to bypass device security. “I want a front door. And I want the […]

Conspiracies Are OK, If The Governmen...

Conspiracies Are OK, If The Government Approves Of Them.

If the NWO is such a great thing, then the proponents of it should stand before the body humanity and make their case publicly. Instead they skulk around in the shadows and pass secret deals (e.g. (TPP) and deny anyone who isn’t part of the “club” an opportunity to pass judgment on their ideas. That […]

Clean Up Squad In Boston

Dead Terrorist

Bad Scripting… Ever watched a movie where a villain who seems like a superman who can do no wrong,  only to suddenly get conveniently “stupid” toward the end so that the good guys can capture him? That’s what happened in Boston last night, only for real. Consider This: You are an international terrorist. You have foreign […]

Police State Fails

Police State Fail

Wasn’t the American police state supposed to protect us from this? You know, give up your freedom and get security? Only they didn’t keep up their end of the deal. Of course they couldn’t live up to it, and they never really wanted to, but now the fail is there for even the dumbest government […]

You Train How You Fight

The Domestic Terror Threats According to DHS

In police training academies, martial arts dojos, and boot camps, some version of the story below is often told. It is probably apocryphal, though I’m sure someone will write me to tell me this actually happened to them, but it’s instructive nonetheless. An off duty police officer walks into a store, and happens to find […]

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