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Obama takes advantage of the Tucson tragedy

Are you through puking your guts out now?

I mean really.  Can an American President get anymore pathetic?  I used to think that Bill Clinton was shameless, and he was.  I used to think that George Bush was opportunistic, and he was.  But Obama has just shown that when it comes to shameless opportunism, he’s got them all beat.

Watching the political rally in Tucson you have to wonder if they handed out drugs along with all those t-shirts.   This was supposed to be a “memorial service” don’t y’know,  yet many of those people acted like they were all on crack.  They were all revved and ready to go, and Obama was clearly basking in the glow.  He hadn’t had that much fun since before the 2008 Election when the media was declaring him the Savior Of Mankind and was almost treating him  like John Lennon.  But as much as Obama might love to make it all about him, there was serious business afoot.  He was on a mission.

Tucson couldn’t go  to Obama, So Obama had to go to Tucson.

But that is as much of a concession  as  Mr. Above-It-All was willing to make.  Beyond that, he preferred to sit on his cloud and lecture the rest of us in the art of getting along.  He didn’t make any mentions, this time, about knives and guns, as he had in the past.  Then again, he has people who do that for him anyway.  They’re called things like “FBI,” “DHS,” and “Secret Service,” and they are now visiting people like me for saying things like this (how do you like being political kommisars guys ? ), after all, freedom must be protected, even if we have to beat, taser, imprison and kill people who offend us.

And they’re not done…

The First Amendment isn’t dead yet, and then there’s that pesky Second Amendment. Not to worry though, the Official Government Media (i.e. CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News, AP, etc)  is on the job, doing their part to root out traitors, criminals and website owners with a bigger audience than they have.


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